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Where I Belong

Early Elementary Piano Solos
Charming melodies with delightful artwork
and optional duet accompaniments.


Flutter & Blink

Beginner Level Piano Solos
First-year solos with
optional duet accompaniments


Waddle & Quack

Elementary Piano Solos
Delightful character pieces with
stunning ready-to-colour artwork


Shimmer & Strut

Elementary Piano Solos
Lyrics assist with rhythms
Includes a variety of musical styles


Once Upon A Time

Elementary Piano Solos
Imaginative musical stories with three
choose-your-own-adventure pieces


Count The Stars

Elementary to Early Intermediate
Lyrical piano solos
Evocative and calming melodies


Pizza My Heart

Late Elementary to Early Intermediate
Flavor-filled piano solos
In a variety of styles


Crimson Maple

Intermediate Piano Solos
Variety of styles including jazz, program
music, and lyrical pieces.


Seasons Change

Intermediate Piano Solos
Four pieces to capture the
essence of each season


Silver Lining

Intermediate Piano Solos
Reflective, imaginative, and lyrical



Early Advanced Hymn Arrangements
Creative worshipful arrangements
of beloved hymns


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